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What is an Emulsion

Asphalt Emulsion Defined What is an asphalt emulsion? Asphalt emulsion is a combination of three basic
ingredients: asphalt, water, and a small amount of an emulsifying agent. These components are introduced into a colloid mill that shears the asphalt into very small droplets. The emulsifier, a surface-active agent, keeps the asphalt droplets in a stable suspension. The result is an asphalt-based product with a consistency ranging from that of milk to that of heavy cream, which can be used in
cold processes for road construction and maintenance.

Why use Asphalt Emulsion

Asphalt emulsion does not require a petroleum solvent to make it liquid, and in most cases, asphalt emulsions can be used without additional heat. Both of these factors contribute to energy savings. Additionally, asphalt emulsions offer great flexibility in their application since they offer the end-user a great variety of characteristics not found in other paving and maintenance materials. Asphalt emulsions are environmentally friendly. There are little or no hydrocarbon emissions created with their use.


etacLet’s talk secure foundations. Let’s talk adhesion. eTac is a premium bond coat that is storage stable, offers reduced tracking, and provides excellent compatibility between layers, resulting in a strong, long lasting bond. Read More »



eprimeA quick curing prime coat emulsion that protects against harsh environments while protecting the environment. ePrime is safe to apply (no VOCs) and guards your base from moisture during construction, its most vulnerable period. With a solid foundation, your road will be prepared to guard the most trying of conditions. Read More »



efogStand at the forefront of oxidized surfaces. eFog is a rejuvenating fog seal emulsion from EA&E that can correct more severe distresses than a conventional fog seal. It extends the life of open graded friction courses and worn chip seal surfaces by 2-3 years, allowing for 7-10 year lifecycles. Read More »



efog hpErgon’s new eFog HP is a high-performance fog seal made for newly chip sealed surfaces in order to lock aggregate, minimizing damage to windshields. It can also be applied on dense-graded hot mix to prevent raveling and delay aging. eFog HP is quick-breaking, and provides a quick return to traffic. Read More »



escrubGive older pavements a more advanced life extension. eScrub is a rejuvenating chip seal that bridges the gap between pavement preservation treatments and remove and replace methods. Read More »



epatchMake sure what’s fixed stays fixed. This new Ergon A&E product is a high-performance cold mix that’s storage stable and far more durable. ePatch protects workers by eliminating costly scheduled maintenance repairs so they can focus on other safer jobs instead of going back to fix previous repairs. Read More »



eflexeFlex premium micro surfacing is significantly tougher than conventional systems, providing a higher degree of tolerance to extreme temperatures and increased durability and resistance to damage caused by short- and long-term exposure to utility vehicles, including snowplows. Read More »



eflexeFlex ES premium slurry seal is designed for residential applications and is significantly tougher than conventional and modified slurry seals. It provides increased durability and resistance to damage caused by short- and long-term exposure to extreme temperatures and utility vehicles, including snowplows. Read More »


Asphalt Emulsion Products (By Application)

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Are asphalt emulsions new?

Asphalt emulsions were first prepared in the early part of
the 20th century, and today, they are used internationally.
The use of asphalt emulsions is growing, and 10-20%
of all asphalt is used in the form of asphalt emulsions.

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