Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, incorporated in 1982, has grown to become one of the largest asphalt marketers in North America. We manufacture and market liquid asphalt pavements and a wide variety of advanced asphalt products. Our polymer modified asphalt is used on expressways, urban roads, airport tarmacs and other high-traffic areas, including popular NASCAR® Racetracks.

At Ergon A&E, our main goal is to provide innovative, quality products for our customers, with their budgets and specific road needs in mind. The following is an overview of the various types of asphalt we supply.

Benefits of Paving Grade Asphalt

We supply quality paving grade asphalt for hot mix applications. These applications result in smoother, darker roads that stakeholders enjoy. HMA applications also allow for reduced tire noise.

Over time, agencies spend significantly less maintaining hot mix roads than they do maintaining concrete roads. Additionally, hot mix costs less than concrete, allows for faster return to traffic and also provides a high-frictions surface for increased safety. And it also has a less significant environmental impact.

Ground Tire Rubber

Ground tire rubber (GTR) is tire rubber ground into small pieces. Over the past few years, more agencies have started using paving mixes that contain recycled materials in order to (1) meet state environmental requirements and (2) offset the cost of butadiene (a main component of modified asphalt products used for paving) when necessary. Ergon developed what is known as a Hybrid Ground Tire Rubber Asphalt Mix – PG 76-22 Hybrid GTR. With this mix, you get the high-performance benefits associated with modified asphalt products along with the cost and eco-friendly benefits of GTR. This product was first tested in the Southeastern U.S., with the first project just outside of Tallahassee, Florida, in 2012. Since that time, our Hybrid GTR mix has proven an exceptional addition to Ergon’s family of solutions developed to meet the specific needs of your roadway with your existing budget, agency specifications and the environment in mind. Interested in learning more about this hybrid mix? Click here to let us know and we’ll be in touch.

Warm Mix Asphalt – Evotherm®

Warm Mix Asphalt is the latest advancement in paving technology. Compared to conventional HMA, Evotherm allows a 30-50% reduction in mixing and application temperatures and facilitates easier compaction while requiring no change to aggregate gradation or mineralogy. Greenhouse gasses produced at the plant are cut drastically, providing excellent environmental benefits. Worker safety is also improved, as fumes behind the paver and exposure to hot paving materials are greatly reduced. Contact your local salesperson for more information on how Evotherm can benefit your road.

eTac HB – Hot-Applied Trackless Bond Coat

Ergon also offers a hot-applied trackless bond coat that can be applied at the highest shot rates required, increasing bond strength while decreasing the need for cleanup. eTac HB is part of the e-Series family of products.

Contact your local salesperson for more information on our asphalt products available in your area.
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