Our Products

From conventional to polymer modified asphalt and emulsions, we specialize in providing cost-effective paving, preservation, maintenance and recycling solutions designed to maintain functional roads.

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Products That Improve Infrastructure and Quality of Life

Since our beginning, our goal has always been to provide innovative resources that drive people forward. Our commitment to being the resource stems from our desire to serve others and make a positive impact in our communities. This, coupled with the opportunity to use flux from our crude refining process to develop asphalt, has allowed us to be able to make a difference in a broad way by providing quality road products to maintain functional transportation systems on which we all depend.

We believe utilizing our assets to help improve America’s infrastructure will help increase quality of life for many people. And this is what drives our continued passion to provide innovative solutions, consistent product development and support, and legendary customer service.

“We are in the asphalt and emulsion business because we truly want to be. We are the only company that touches all aspects of the business from beginning to end."

- Patrick Nation, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

More than Just Products

To ensure quality control and assurance of the  asphalt and emulsion products for a variety of applications on residential and city streets, highways and Interstates, our lab technicians conduct property testing and mix designs in accordance with your specific road needs. Our lab capabilities also allow us to include properties in our products that provide added flexibility to roadways, increasing durability and resistance to heavy loads and extreme temperatures.

Our technical marketers work in tandem with our labs and production facilities to ensure products are on spec, while also working hand in hand with agencies, engineers and contractors to ensure our products are applied according to best practices for optimal road performance long term.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s one thing to serve the community by helping to provide safe and reliable roads, but we want to do so without causing harm to families and our eco-system. We understand our role to be good stewards of the Earth. That’s why we place emphasis on ensuring we provide environmentally friendly product options that also have significant cost savings benefits. To name a few, we offer an eco-friendly prime coat that allows for same-day paving, as well as recycled asphalt treatments that reduce emissions and provide up to 40% in cost savings over traditional alternatives.

Our Products. Our Team. Your Resource

From the lab to the road, and every step in between, we pride ourselves on being your go-to product, sales and technical support resource for every road. Pick your starting point below and browse information on the various asphalt and emulsion treatments our products are developed for, or view our eSeries family of premium-performing solutions to maximize impact on your roads.