Spray Paver Application

A paving technique whereby the tack or bond coat material is applied through the paving equipment in a continuous operation.

Following are just two types of spray paver applications Ergon supplies products for. Both are great options to address oxidation, restore friction and extend the service life of a roadway. Please note that in order for these and other specialty treatments to be effective, the application of a bond coat at a high shot rate is a necessity. Using the spray paver, this high shot rate can be achieved, which in turn results in less tracking of material across the job site and a stronger bond between asphalt layers. Paving ensues immediately after the bond coat application using the spray paver technique. A strong bond enhances performance long term.

Ultra-Thin Bonded Wearing Course (UTBWC)

During the UTBWC process, an emulsion is applied to the roadway and immediately followed by a thin layer of hot mix asphalt. The emulsion serves as a bonding agent to reduce slippage. The thin asphalt layer is applied to act as a wearing course and restore surface friction.

Open-Graded Friction Course Treatment (OGFC)

An OGFC surface can serve as a wearing and “weather” course, increasing surface friction and reducing water spray on roads. The OGFC surface design allows water to drain to the sides of the pavement as opposed to collecting on top. This is helpful in rainy weather as it reduces the chances of vehicles hydroplaning. OGFCs also address raveling. A bond coat is applied just before the thin layer of OGFC, helping to promote a strong bond with the underlying pavement in order to reduce slippage.

Contact your local salesperson for more information on spray paver applications including product availability for your area.

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Spray Paver Application Benefits:

  • Smoother Ride Quality
  • Addresses Oxidation
  • Restores Friction
  • Reduces Water Spray for Safety (OGFCs)
  • Reduces Slippage

Spray Paver Application

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