Onyx Frictional Mastic Surface Treatment

Provides durability and increased friction for high-speed areas.

Onyx is a treatment developed to minimize future road maintenance and get traffic back on your pavement more quickly thanks to its predictable dry times and fast application. It is suitable for use on highway shoulders and also city and residential streets.

It is formulated to maximize your asphalt’s durability through permeability, friction and color.

Contact a local salesperson to find out if Onyx is available in your area and if it is the right solution for your high-speed road maintenance needs.

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Onyx Frictional Mastic Surface Treatment Benefits:

  • Enhanced friction
  • More durable roads
  • Minimize road maintenance needs over time
  • Maintains dark color longer

Onyx Frictional Mastic Surface Treatment Documents:


Frictional Mastic

Available Locations

State Location
TX Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc. Pleasanton, TX
State Location