Polk County, Florida, Wins Preservation Award

Fri., Mar 31, 2023 | Ergon

Congratulations to the Polk County, Florida, Roads & Drainage Division on winning the Foundation for Pavement Preservation’s (FP2 Inc.) 2022 James B. Sorenson Excellence in Pavement Preservation Award. Nominated by Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions (Ergon A&E), the County received this award for their strategic execution of a pavement management program featuring preservation, maintenance and rehabilitation products that have significantly improved their roadway network condition. Thanks to their program, they have been able to treat more miles each year and increase their annual budget from $10 million in 2010 to $18 million currently.


Photo Courtesy of Polk County Government

Learn more about Polk County’s award-winning strategy in a feature story in the latest issue of Pavement Preservation Journal: In Florida, FP2 Honors Polk County with Sorenson Award for Excellence.


Ergon A&E Vice President of Pavement Preservation & Specialty Products and current FP2 President Mark Ishee (right) presents the Sorenson Award to Jay Jarvis, Director of the Polk County Roads & Drainage Division. Photo Courtesy of Polk County Government

Sorenson Award criteria include demonstrating acceptance from publics on the concept of pavement preservation; applying preservation principles using the right treatment on the right road at the right time; demonstrating the uniqueness of the program; and employing various communication techniques to keep the public notified about road work. Agencies that have gone on to win this award have exemplified an understanding of how to effectively implement pavement preservation tactics to achieve exceptional roadway performance and improve their overall network. The opportunity to have these agencies featured on a national stage is a win for the asphalt industry at large. Highlighting their efforts provides a blueprint for other agencies to start or enhance their pavement management journey.

We’re proud of Polk County and hope their award-winning strategy inspires other agencies to start their strategic pavement management journey today.

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