Ergon A&E President Baxter Burns recently presented the Asphalt Institute's Roll of Honor Award to Bill Kirk, CEO of  Associated Asphalt Partners, LLC. This award is the "highest level of recognition conferred by the Asphalt Institute,” and is presented to those who have made significant contributions in the asphalt industry. We are proud to support the people and organizations whose contributions align with our infrastructure improvement goals.

To learn more about this prestigious honor, visit the Asphalt Institute Roll of Honor Web Page.

Our Commitment to Service

At Ergon, we are committed to delivering unparalleled service, constantly providing solutions that our teams, partners, customers and communities need in order to thrive. Our decades-long commitment to serving as a resource to organizations dedicated to improving infrastructure across the U.S. and Mexico is just one example of how we exemplify this commitment beyond our day-to-day operations. We have long standing relationships with industry associations such as the Asphalt Institute that allow us to continue to contribute to the growing body of knowledge on ways to improve road performance through asphalt technologies.

At Ergon, Empowered Service is more than just an internal value. It's a value we share as we work every day to provide consistent quality products and services that meet needs, support families, serve customers and move communities forward. Learn more about our values here: