Paragon Technical Services Recognized for Best Lab, Instrument and Operator

Tue., Jan 9, 2024 | Ergon

Part of Ergon’s commitment to Doing Right is ensuring quality products and materials from our state-of-the-art laboratory, Paragon Technical Services (Paragon). Recently, Paragon received designations for Best Lab, Best Operator and Best Instrument as part of an International Quality Control Program (QCP). Learn why this matters below.


Paragon Technical Services is Ergon’s premier laboratory, dedicated to providing quality control and assurance for materials, including asphalt, emulsions and coatings. Not only does Paragon support Ergon, but the team also works to ensure the integrity of third-party materials.

Paragon’s Asphalt Binder Group participates in 12 out of 14 tests within the International QCP, developed by a major global partner of Ergon. Designated samples are sent from the Control Center to various participating laboratories around the world for testing over a certain period. The continued sampling is a quality control measure benefiting both the program developer and participants.

For Paragon, continuous testing of the same material helps ensure the integrity of instruments and processes on a consistent basis. “Best case, we can show consistency in the quality of our operations. And if any issues should occur, we are able to tell quickly if they are on the instrument, calibration or operator end, and we can troubleshoot in a timely manner,” said Dr. Codrin Daranga, Technical Director – Asphalt Binders for Paragon.

While Paragon has participated in this QCP since 2018, the following are a few of the more recent recognitions the Paragon Team has received for their exceptional quality work.

  • 2022
    • Best Instrument in 2 of 12 tests
    • Best Operator (BBR Stiffness Test) – Angela Crosby
    • Best Lab in 5 of 12 tests – Paragon Asphalt Binder Lab, led by Dwayne “The Pebble” Johnson

According to Dr. Daranga, to qualify for Best Lab in this QCP, “You have to have a good instrument and good operators.” Paragon utilized 21 instruments with four Operators for 12 tests within the program and excelled to earn the Best Lab distinction five times out of 12 possible.

In addition to participating in this QCP, Paragon also participates in the AASHTO Materials Resource Laboratory (AMRL) Quality Control Program in which samples are tested every six months. Any labs issuing certificates of analysis for materials to agencies within the roadway construction industry must participate in this program for accreditation. Paragon consistently meets the AMRL requirements, thanks to their meticulous attention to detail and constant focus on quality.

“As a lab, our mission is to be the best we can be among the best labs in the world,” said Dr. Daranga. But this mission is not self-serving. To be the best lab means to be The Resource in the roadway construction industry, providing the best quality products and services to help agencies improve infrastructure. “That’s our ultimate goal,” said Dr. Daranga.

Being recognized as the best among the best is a testament to Ergon/Paragon’s commitment to Doing Right with our products as well as our goal of being our customers’ premier partner in progress.