Evotherm - Environmentally Friendly Warm Mix Technology

Mon., Jun 6, 2022 | Ergon

Ergon is committed to creating innovative solutions to meet customers’ needs while maintaining an environmentally conscious mindset. In recognition of World Environment Day (which was June 5, 2022), we’re highlighting Evotherm — a patented green paving solution for road agencies developed by Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions (EA&E) and Mathy Construction Co.



The Green Solution
One of the ways EA&E has sought to reduce our carbon footprint is through the development of Evotherm warm mix asphalt technology, formerly known as REVIX™. “The need for such a product arose out of desire to reduce the risk of exposing road crews and the environment to hydrocarbons,” explained Dr. Gaylon Baumgardner, EA&E Executive Vice President – Technical Operations. EA&E and Mathy Construction Co. joined forces to patent this technology in 2007.

Evotherm is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional hot mix applications. The warm mix additives in Evotherm allow for a reduction in temperature during both asphalt production and application. The result is a reduction of hydrocarbon fumes. Evotherm can be hauled longer distances while maintaining workability, and it allows for paving in cooler weather while still obtaining density.

An additional benefit of Evotherm is the technology does not alter mix design. It simply enhances the traditional asphalt binder (Reinke & Baumgardner, 2007).

Environmental Impact
In addition to reduced carbon emissions, Evotherm’s environmental impact includes a significant reduction in volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxide, dust and more. This is in keeping with results from the Federal Highway Administration’s 2008 SCAN report that showed the environmental impacts of warm mix asphalt technologies. The following are a few results from the report:

  • CO2[e]* reduced 30- 40%
  • SO2 reduced 35%
  • VOC reduced 50%
  • CO reduced 10-30%
  • NOx reduced 60-70%
  • Dust reduced 20-25%

Since its development, Evotherm has been used on asphalt projects around the world, in both hot and cold climates, with the U.S. being the largest market. “Texas, in particular, has been a leader in the use of this green technology,” said Andrew Crow, Vice President, Pavement Technologies for Ingevity, the exclusive global marketer of Evotherm.

Promoting Sustainable Solutions
Evotherm is just one of many results of EAE keeping sustainability at the forefront of innovation. “There is a shift to an even greater focus on sustainability around the world,” said Crow. “Promoting paving technologies that reduce greenhouse gases is the next logical step."

*CO2e is the designation for global greenhouse gases, or CO2 and its equivalents.

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