All roads are exposed to tough elements and need tough solutions in order to remain healthy and safe for the driving public. Highly modified slurry surfacing treatments provide tougher, more durable surfaces than conventional systems, protecting roads from heavy traffic and extreme temperatures. Not only do they save roads, they also save agency funds budgeted for costly repairs.

“Slurry surfacing” includes both slurry seal and micro surfacing applications.

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Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions’ comprehensive line of slurry surfacing systems includes both eFlex Premium Micro Surfacing and eFlex ES Premium Slurry Seal. Due to increased levels of polymer modification, both solutions provide increased surface friction, as well as short- and long-term protection from damage caused by extreme temperatures and utility vehicles, including trash trucks, school buses and snowplows. And there is no need to invest in new equipment, since both can be applied using conventional micro surfacing equipment.


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Significantly tougher than conventional systems, eFlex is suitable for use in higher traffic areas and can be used to correct rutting, restore friction and halt oxidation.


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eFlex ES is designed for application on residential and city streets, arterials and collectors.

Contact your local salesperson to determine which is the best fit for your road.