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Rusty Carrington

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(731) 847-6351

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(731) 847-6351

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5445 Highway 412 East
Parsons, TN 38363-3641

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Mark Clark

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(731) 549-5692

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5445 HWY 412 East
Parsons,TN 38363-3641

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Gene Arnold

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(901) 277-1700

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1989 Channel Avenue
Memphis,TN 38113

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Available Products

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Tack Coat - Conventional A tack or bond coat is an application of emulsion or asphalt binder that is sprayed onto the roadway surface immediately prior to a paving operation. The adhesion of multiple lifts of pavement provides for maximum structural coefficient and ensures the safety and longevity of the pavement structure. SS-1
Chip Seal - Conventional A spray-applied application of asphalt emulsion or binder followed by an application of a single layer of aggregate used to provide friction, seal cracks less than ¼ inches wide and reduce the intrusion of water into roadway structures. Typically used on more rural routes with low-to-moderate ADTs. Life extensions of 5-7 years are typical. CRS-2, RS-2
Cold Mix - Conventional Mixture of cutback asphalt or asphalt emulsion and aggregate, combined through a pugmill or asphalt plant and typically stored in a stockpile for use as temporary patching. AE-3 Modified
Cold Mix - Premium Laboratory designed mixture of an engineered asphalt or asphalt emulsion binder combined through an asphalt plant or pugmill that is capable of being stored in a stockpile for use as a durable repair of potholes, leveling and cold paving RM-90 (ePatch)
Prime Coat - Conventional An application of emulsion or asphalt binder to a soil base in preparation for the wearing course. Typical use is prior to a chip seal or hot mixed asphalt application; the prime provides protection of the soil against rainfall in staged construction and serves as a bond promoter for the eventual surface. Prime coats are also used as a curing seal for cement-treated bases. AE-P
Paving Grade Asphalt A wide range of asphalt cement used in the manufacturing of Hot Mix Asphalt. The asphalt binder may be modified and is designed with respect to climate and roadway structural requirements for traffic loading. Paving Grade Asphalt
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