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Bond Coat/Tack Coat - Trackless A trackless bond or tack coat is an application of emulsion or asphalt binder with trackless properties that is sprayed onto the roadway surface immediately prior to a paving operation. The trackless properties ensure the bonding material stays where it is needed, resisting being picked up by tires, paving equipment and haul trucks and tracked across the job site. Adjacent structures and striping are protected for tracking associated with conventional materials. CRS-1HBC, BC-HT (eTac)
Tack Coat - Conventional A tack or bond coat is an application of emulsion or asphalt binder that is sprayed onto the roadway surface immediately prior to a paving operation. The adhesion of multiple lifts of pavement provides for maximum structural coefficient and ensures the safety and longevity of the pavement structure. CSS-1H, CRS-1H, SS-1H
Chip Seal - Modified A wearing course of spray-applied polymer modified asphalt emulsion or binder followed by an application of a single layer of aggregate used to provide friction, seal cracks less than ¼ inches wide and preserve roadways. The modification provides resistance to higher ADT routes and provides for a relatively quick return to traffic. Life extensions of 6-7 years are seen. CRS-2P, CRS-2L
Rejuvenating Scrub Seal Surface treatment designed as a mass crack sealer with frictional properties of a chip seal. Used on roadways with high-density, top-down cracking as a wearing course or interlayer. Provides life extension of 6-7 years. CMS-1PC (eScrub)
Full Depth Reclamation FDR is a complete rehabilitation technique addressing all major distresses throughout the pavement structure and into the base. All roadway materials are combined in-situ and compacted to form an improved base. This is followed by the appropriate wearing course of hot mix asphalt installed to provide the required structural coefficient. FDR-EE, SS-1H
Fog Seal - Conventional A preservation technique that involves spraying a diluted asphalt emulsion onto an asphalt surface. Used to enhance aggregate retention and seal hairline cracks. Life extensions of 1-2 years are typical. CMS-1P
Fog Seal - High-Performance A light application of emulsion sprayed on the roadway surface, providing a quick return-to-traffic time and improved aggregate retention with trackless properties. Typical uses are over new chip seals, rejuvenating scrub seals and existing pavement surfaces — resulting in increased service life of 2-4 years. CHPF-1 (eFog HP)
Fog Seal - Rejuvenating A preservation technique that involves spray applying a light application of a polymer modified asphalt emulsion containing a rejuvenator. Typically used to seal cracks 1/8 inch and smaller and to return original properties to the upper portion of an asphalt mixture. Life extensions of 2-4 years can be achieved. CMS-1PF (eFog)
Micro Surfacing - Conventional Surface treatment/wearing course with standard 3% polymer modification of the asphalt base. Addresses loss of friction, oxidation rutting and minor reprofiling. Can be used on all roadway types and all traffic levels, providing 6-8 years of life extension. CQS-1HP, CSS-1HP
Micro Surfacing - Premium Surface treatment/wearing course with minimum 6% polymer modification of the asphalt base. Developed for use on all roadway classifications. Uses include rut filling and leveling. It also provides durable friction while resisting damage from snowplows. Typical life extension of 7-9 years. CSS-1EP (eFlex)
Slurry Seal - Premium Surface treatment/wearing course with minimum 6% polymer modification of the asphalt base and upgraded performance mixture design over the conventional version. Developed for use in city environments where heavy turning, street-side parking are prevalent, as well as in frequent snowplow zones. Protects against vehicular damage early in the curing process and increases durability providing life extension of 7-9 years. CQS-1ES (eFlex ES)
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