eFog HP High-Performance Fog Seal


Minimize aggregate loss with this trackless high-performance fog seal. When applied over fresh chip sealed roads, eFog HP locks down the aggregate, reducing the risk of damage to windshields. eFog HP can also be used as an alternative treatment on roads where conventional fog seals would be applied, including on dense-graded hot mix surfaces to prevent raveling and delay aging. This high-performance fog seal also increases resistance to oxidation.

Like its sister product, eFog rejuvenating fog seal, the new eFog HP provides a denser film thickness than conventional fog seals for increased durability and resistance to tracking, and it can extend the service life of your roads 2 – 3 years.

It is trackless and quick-breaking, meaning more efficient production and a quicker return to traffic.

eFog HP


  • Locks down aggregate
  • Prevents raveling
  • Extends service life of asphalt mixtures
  • Reduces windshield damage caused by loose aggregate
  • Quick return to traffic following application

Feel free to contact your local salesperson for more information.

download the eFog HP brochure