eTac Trackless Bond Coat

Bond Asphalt Layers Together Without Tracking

Compatibility is essential when joining two elements together. eTac provides excellent compatibility between layers, resulting in a strong, long lasting bond.

Many tack and bond coats have a reputation for spreading excess material across the job site. eTac is created using materials that minimize tracking, preventing it from being spread across or outside your working area. As an added benefit, reduced tracking frees up personnel who are ordinarily required to clean up ahead of the paver.

eTac can be applied at a heavier rate than traditional bond coats. It provides a solid grip on the subsequent asphalt layer, reducing the chance of slippage. With minimal tracking, faster break times and strong adhesion, achieving a no-slip bond between asphalt layers is easier than ever.

eTac Bond Coat


  • Bond strength
  • Trackless
  • Heavy application rate
  • Storage stable
  • Fast breaking
  • Improved road safety
  • User friendly

Maximum bond. Minimum cleanup

eTac creates a long-lasting, no-slip bond between asphalt layers without tracking — keeping equipment clean and improving production. This bond coat is formulated to allow for jobsite storage and can be applied at normal-to-high shot rates using conventional equipment. Give your roads their best shot at a long life cycle.

Build A Road That Stays Put

eTac is an innovative trackless bond coat emulsion that provides adhesion between asphalt layers, extending the life cycle of your roads and protecting against distresses like cracking and rutting. Properties within eTac allow it to perform at heavier rates than other bond coats. Its firm grip on asphalt layers creates maximum strength while reducing the chance of slippage, providing a durable and safe pavement for the traveling public.

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Hot-Applied eTac HB Now Available:

Learn about our new hot-applied version of this bond coat, eTac HB, here.