eScrub Rejuvenating Chip Seal

Seal Severe Cracking Without a Mill and Fill

eScrub is a rejuvenating chip seal that bridges the gap between pavement preservation treatments and remove and replace methods.

eScrub employs a simultaneous apply-and-scrub method to seal mass cracking in asphalt pavements. Distress of this nature is ordinarily too severe for pavement preservation treatments to handle. But the polymer modified CMS-1PC rejuvenating emulsion goes beyond the capabilities of ordinary chip seals to repair severe distresses and rejuvenate the asphalt’s quality and durability in the process.

At less than half the cost of a mill and fill, eScrub is among the most cost-efficient methods to repair pavements exhibiting fatigue cracking or block cracking.

eScrub Rejuvenating Chip Seal


  • Corrects severe pavement distress
  • Less than half the cost of a mill and fill
  • Extends the life of older pavements 5-7 years
  • Renews surface friction
  • Protects the road from continued deterioration
  • Can be used as an interlayer
  • Can be used as the first course of a cape seal

Feel free to contact your local salesperson for more information.

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