ePrime Prime Coat 

Protect Your Base and Start Paving Immediately

ePrime is a quick curing, environmentally friendly prime coat that protects your base from moisture during the construction phase, its most vulnerable period. With a solid foundation, your road will be better prepared to withstand the most trying conditions.

Unlike ordinary prime coats, ePrime is solvent-free. That means it doesn’t produce volatile organic compounds, making it safe to apply in virtually any environment. No solvents also means no fire or explosive hazards, which is a major safety improvement over traditional primes.

Improved safety and environmental compatibility don’t come at the cost of performance. ePrime provides excellent protection with penetration values that are equivalent to traditional primes. In fact, one of the most touted features of ePrime, is the ability for same day paving following application, typically within two to three hours.

Results of an ePrime application.

"The thing I like about ePrime is that we can shoot it out and pave on it two hours later. Just like MC70, it holds the moisture and locks up the grade. Unlike MC70, the trackout is virtually unnoticeable. Most primes trackout 1-2 miles from the jobsite. ePrime soaks in and sets up right away so you don’t get any pickup of emulsion on your trucks and no tracking of emulsion. We are telling all local and state agencies that ePrime is the only prime we want to use on our paving jobs."

- Phil Langager, Aggregate Industries, Las Vegas NV


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Granular protection
  • Same day paving
  • Cost-effective
  • Waterproofed base
  • One-step application
  • Improved adhesion to future layers

Feel free to contact your local salesperson for more information.

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ePrime prepares your roads for success. Not only is it packed full of performance, but because it is free of VOCs, ePrime is also safer for the environment and construction crews than other prime coats. With ePrime's solvent-free formulation, you can achieve same-day paving in as little as three hours following application. Finish strong by starting your base with the best. The Foundation For A Successful Road. ePrime is an environmentally friendly, solvent-free, quick-curing prime coat that penetrates the road base and protects the underlying layers from wet weather by providing a temporary waterproof barrier. Additionally, ePrime promotes a strong bond between the base and the subsequent asphalt treatments.


ePrime’s solvent-free formula keeps thousands of gallons of diesel fuel from entering the atmosphere, making it safer for the environment and paving crews.


Attain exceptional base protection with penetration depths equivalent to or better than those of traditional products.


ePrime cuts costs and time by allowing for same-day paving as opposed to the typical 3- to 5-day waiting period following other prime coat applications. An additional cost benefit is there is no need to rework the base. By applying ePrime, you are protecting your future road during the most critical stage. Staged construction leaves your project vulnerable to rain and traffic. By taking preemptive action with this quick-curing, eco-safe prime coat, you can help reduce the risk of premature failure and improve the longevity of your road. “Most primes track out one to two miles from the jobsite. ePrime soaks in and sets up right away, so you don’t get any emulsion pickup or tracking.”
Aggregate Industries, Las Vegas, Nevada

ePrime is a quick curing environmentally friendly penetrating prime coat available from Ergon Asphalt and Emulsions. When a road can't keep itself together you need a solution that works hard to get you back on track ePrime is a simple priming solution for complicated roads.ePrime adds a temporary waterproof layer and an effective binder for base materials the solvent free prime coat gives ecology a break and rather than the three to five day curing time with traditional treatments allows for same-day paving.A stretch of I-80 near Park City Utah was in desperate need of repair due to tough winters and heavy semi truck traffic on winding roads. UDOT faced unsuccessful attempts to repair this stretch of road for years seeing the heavy traffic and drastic
climate caused continual structural breakdowns. Money and time became the top priorities. UDOT received funding to implement a new cement treated asphalt base with their contractor. ePrime was used to prevent raveling on the new base and to help maintain its moisture so that the cement and the base could cure. ePrime was easily applied and even required less than the half gallon per square yard initially specified within two hours the surface was completely dry and could be driven on without causing tracking seven days after laying ePrime down the cement was cured and the roadbed could support paving. UDOT and the contracting team experienced no issues paving over the newly primed surface and will use ePrime to complete the second phase of the I-80 project,
ePrime, the most versatile prime coat around.

Why use prime coat?

Prime coats protect the integrity of the granular base during construction and help reduce dust. In the case of a base which is to be covered with a thin hot mix layer or a chip seal for a low volume roadway, priming ensures a good bond between the seal and the underlying surface which otherwise would have a tendency to delaminate

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