Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc. Wolcott, KS

Facility Information

Facility Manager:

Craig Gobin

Facility Telephone:

(913) 788-5300

Facility Fax:

(913) 299-0287

Facility Address:

10520 Wolcott Drive
Kansas City, KS 66109

Sales Manager:

Brandon Smith

Sales Telephone:

(913) 481-0510

Sales Office Address:

10520 Wolcott Drive
Kansas City, KS 66109-4091

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Paving Grade Asphalt A wide range of asphalt cement used in the manufacturing of Hot Mix Asphalt. The asphalt binder may be modified and is designed with respect to climate and roadway structural requirements for traffic loading. Paving Grade Asphalt
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