Ergon's Solution to Slurry Surfacing

TOUGH SOLUTIONS FOR TOUGH DEMANDS. All roads are exposed to tough elements and need tough solutions in order to remain healthy and safe for the driving public. Highly modified slurry surfacing treatments provide tougher, more durable surfaces than conventional systems, protecting roads from heavy traffic and extreme temperatures. Not only do they save roads, they Continue Reading »

Chip Seals Key to Preventive Maintenance for Texas Roads

Program: San Antonio 2017 District-Wide Seal Coat Project Treatment: Chip Seal (CHFRS-2P) As part of the San Antonio 2017 District-Wide Seal Coat Project, 3.7 miles of FM 2200 in Medina County, Texas, were set to receive a chip seal application. The owner of the project, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), has historically applied emulsion-based chip Continue Reading »

How Can Asphalt Help Save the Environment?

CalAPA recently released an interesting story regarding Verizon's ad campaign about contributions asphalt pavements and smart technology can lead to a cleaner environment. As they reported, "Asphalt, for example, is the world's most recycled product, and the introduction of Warm Mix Asphalt and other green technologies have been shown to reduce energy consumption, air and water Continue Reading »

Increase Durability with eFlex ES Premium Slurry Seal

A number of roads within the City of Santa Clara, Utah’s, network were set to receive slurry seal treatments in accordance with the city’s 2017 Slurry Seal Program. Initially, latex modified slurry seal, commonly used in the West Region of the United States, was the only emulsion supplied for this project. Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions Continue Reading »

Scrub Seal Cuts Cost, Seals Mass Cracking

Cracks in the road can lead to big problems like water penetration into the base, which can lead to more costly distresses and worse case, total section loss. Cracked Under Pressure State Route 82 (SR 82) is a heavily trafficked road in Jackson County, Georgia, that leads to and from a number of commercial warehouses Continue Reading »

Improve Road Quality & Performance with Micro Surfacing

St. Louis Road in Plaquemine, LA, was beginning to experience cracking after five years of service due to general wear and tear, while 3 ½ miles away, Evergreen Road was faced with cracks and potholes due to heavy traffic loads. Both roads were due for maintenance in order to retain good quality and performance while Continue Reading »

Cationic High Float Treatment Relieves Base Failure

Three miles of FM 2105 along the west side of San Angelo, Texas, had base failures and displayed alligator cracking due to consistently large volumes of heavy traffic. The only way to truly correct base failure is to dig up the road, replace with new material and resurface. In the case of FM 2105, completely Continue Reading »

Micro Surfacing: Economical Roadway Maintenance

eFlex Demo in St. Petersburg, Florida Hot Mix Asphalt is a crucial and important asset to any road network. It provides a durable, smooth surface with a rich, dark appearance commuters and agencies have come to appreciate and associate with a “good road.” It is, however, an expensive asset that can deplete road budgets in Continue Reading »

Pothole Repair Made to Last

Changing weather conditions from hot to cold combined with rain often lead to uneven road surfaces, edge deterioration and potholes. ePatch is a high-performance cold mix emulsion specifically designed to correct a variety of distresses and add stability to weakened pavement. 

Restore Worn Asphalt Pavements With Cold In-Place Recycling

When faced with roads like US 40, plagued with 10 miles of aged and cracked pavement, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) realized Cold In-Place Recycling (CIR) was their most affordable option – but issues with another company's emulsion had caused negative impressions toward the treatment within the state. That’s when Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Continue Reading »