e-Series Products

Take pavement preservation even further with Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions' e-Series products. These innovative pavement preservation technologies offer outstanding benefits and new features that make them stand out from more traditional alternatives.
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Warm Mix Asphalt (Evotherm)

Warm Mix Asphalt is the latest advancement in paving technology. Compared to conventional HMA, Evotherm allows a 30-50% reduction in mixing and application temperatures and facilitates easier compaction while requiring no change to aggregate gradation or mineralogy. Greenhouse gasses produced at the plant are cut drastically, providing excellent environmental benefits. Worker safety is also improved, as fumes behind the paver and exposure to hot paving materials are greatly reduced.
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Micro Surfacing/Slurry

Micro Surfacing and Slurry Seals are cold mix systems customized to perform with varying aggregate mineralogy, climate and surfaces. Both products protect the underlying pavement from further distress and oxidative damage while restoring the driving surface. Friction resistance remains high throughout the life of the treatment. Slurry seal is used on airport runways, mall parking lots, city and residential streets as well as state and county highways. Micro Surfacing has the added capability of being applied in thicker lifts. It can be used for specific rut fill situations and/or as leveling and wearing courses for city arterial routes, high ADT highways and interstate systems.

Engineered Emulsion Treatment

EET is an engineered emulsion treatment used in base stabilization or pavement reclamation projects (CIR, HIR, FDR) to upgrade the traffic-bearing capabilities of existing routes. Offering same day return to traffic as well as crack and moisture resistant flexible roadways, EET's properties are superior to conventional cement or lime-treated bases and FDR projects.

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