eFlex Premium Micro Surfacing

eFlex is a premium micro surfacing emulsion used to help protect and maintain your road, especially in extreme temperatures. Compared to conventional micro surfacing systems, the increased polymer modification in eFlex provides greater resistance to scuffing and tearing early on. Long-term benefits include increased durability, a continually high friction surface, and all-around better results.



  • Uses Aggregate Types II & III
  • Used on all road types
  • Quick return to traffic following application
  • Scuff resistant
  • Enhanced durability
  • High friction surface
  • Resists damage from snowplows
  • Reduces raveling

Contact your local salesperson to determine if eFlex Premium Micro Surfacing is the right treatment for your road.

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is a premium micro surfacing treatment available from Ergon Asphalt and Emulsions. if your roadways are showing their weaknesses it's time for a tough treatment. eFlex brings the toughness. eFlex uses a one-of-a-kind highly modified base and a unique emulsifier package which allow conventional equipment and crews to significantly increase durability and flexibility of the roadway surface. Transforming severe problems into seriously strong roadways the premium micro surfacing treatment works harder and longer over the lifetime of the roadway in residential settings, larger parking lots, and typical applications. The roads in Dartmouth Massachusetts never get a break between heavy summer tourism traffic and harsh winters of freeze and thaw cycles and snowplows the conditions are ripe for roadway degradation. the consistently harsh conditions made Chase Road near the University of Massachusetts an ideal candidate for treatment. Using a double application of eFlex, 15 pounds per square yard on the first pass and 20 on the second, Chase Road was restored. In just two working days the road is expected to leave Dartmouth with happy tourists, happy coeds, and all around happy cars for the next decade. eFlex, the micro surfacing treatment that stays tough.


From scorching summer heat to frigid winters, eFlex holds up against the harshest elements. With high levels of polymer modification, this premium micro surfacing system doesn’t just survive the toughest elements. It thrives. ergonasphalt.com Enhanced Durability For Harsh Elements. eFlex is a premium micro surfacing emulsion developed to provide exceptional resistance to damage in the period after application, as well as long-term damage caused by harsh weather and utility service vehicles, including snowplows. Due to increased polymer modification of the base asphalt, eFlex provides greater durability over conventional micro


eFlex premium micro surfacing can be applied using Type II and III aggregate, making it suitable for use on heavier-trafficked areas.


While eFlex provides premium performance, it follows conventional design parameters and can be applied using conventional micro surfacing equipment.


Not only does eFlex reduce scuffing and tearing that can be caused early on by high temperatures and utility vehicles, but it also provides long-term protection from harsh weather, oxidation and snowplows. For additional safety, eFlex provides a high-friction surface that remains high throughout the service life of the application.
“I believe [eFlex] is stronger, therefore we have less initial scuffing as well as longer-lasting
performance. I estimate six years with conventional [micro surfacing] and feel I can get
up to 10 years with eFlex.”
Superintendent of Public Works
Fairfield, Connecticut