Eliminate Major Tracking Issues with eTac

Bond Coats are used to prevent slippage and promote a strong bond and solid adhesion between two asphalt layers. However, general tracking issues associated with conventional bond coats can be a hassle to clean and can slow valuable production time.

Extend the Life Cycle of An Open Graded Friction Course with eFog

One hundred lane-miles of State Route 3, which run through the city of Zebulon, Georgia, were experiencing slight raveling and block cracking on the 12-year old Open Graded Friction Course (OGFC) surface. It was time to take proactive measures toward preventing these distresses from becoming more expensive to correct. While 12 years is a little Continue Reading »

Build Stronger Road Base to Withstand Excessive Moisture

Typical heavy traffic loads on Watson Road in south San Antonio, TX. Problem: Subsurface Moisture Solution: Full Depth Reclamation with 4.5% CSS-1H and 2% Cement Watson Road, located in south San Antonio, Texas, (Bexar County) began to show cracking and ruts nearly six inches deep due to heavy traffic loads, poor drainage capabilities and a Continue Reading »

Protecting a Reconstructed Road Base

Kolob Terrace Road winds through mountains and canyons of Zion National Park in Southwestern Utah. With massive drop-offs and no shoulder, the road is closed during winter months when covered with snow and ice. Following a spring thaw, officials found that deep thermal cracking and erosion had made it inadequate for public use. A Stronger Continue Reading »

Micro Surfacing Gets Chickasaw Nation Roads Out of a Rut

  Getting on the Right Path Hot mix asphalt (HMA) surfaces are ideal pavement options for highways, residential and local roadways. Their unique properties allow for timely application and speedy return to traffic, while providing lasting durability against heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions. HMA surfaces are known for smooth ride quality meaning better fuel Continue Reading »

Blount County Taxpayers Win with CRS-2, Chip Seal Program

The life of a roadway goes through many cycles, waxes and wanes between care and attention and disrepair. The birth of a road begins with the coordinated effort of government stakeholders, engineers and local contractors. After a road has come to fruition, its care and maintenance is less expansive, allowing the local government to take Continue Reading »

eScrub Rejuvenating Chip and Mass Crack Seal Rescues Critical Thoroughfare in Rural Arkansas

Distress: severe cracking and pavement oxidation; critical condition roads Obstacle: quick and efficient repair at low-cost How can Ergon A&E help: eScrub rejuvenating chip seal and mass crack treatment Fallen Through the Cracks Independence County, Arkansas, a highly agricultural community located approximately 60 miles northeast of Little Rock, was experiencing a rapid decline in the Continue Reading »

eFlex Stands Firm Under Intense California Heat

Distress: Aged, oxidized surface raveling Obstacle: sustained durability in extreme heat conditions against scuffing and power steering burns How Can We Help: eFlex premium micro surfacing solution Surface Damage Arises in Southern California Some cities in California often experience road surface temperatures as high as 160°F, creating vulnerability in the roadways. For some residential streets Continue Reading »

eFog Preserves One of Georgia’s Busiest Interstate Routes

Distress: Raveling Obstacle: Correct distresses and restore essential element to a high speed, high traffic pavement in area where a quick return to traffic is critical. How did Ergon A&E help: eFog Rejuvenating Fog Seal Interstate I-475 Maintenance Project Georgia’s interstate system has some of the highest quality pavements money can buy: open graded friction Continue Reading »